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Korean Drivers

Submitted by MarkW on Monday, July 11, 2005 - 12:47

We watched in amazement as the drivers in Korea wove from lane to lane, ignored stop signs, drove on the wrong side of the road. Are they crazy? Are they trying to kill themselves?

But watching them, I think I began to see what was going on. They drive like they walk. If there is space for a car, they drive there. I didn't see any of the agression that we'd expect here. At least half the horn-honks seemed to mean "you can change lanes now, I've got your back" or something like that. They are all just trying to move as many cars as they can, as effeciently as possible.

Another thing I noticed: I didn't see any accidents or aftermath of accidents. In two weeks of bus and taxi and foot travel around Soeul and the rest of Korea, no accidents. I saw two accidents between the airport and 35W!

Who drives crazy?

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