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How to Add Pictures

Submitted by MarkW on Wednesday, July 20, 2005 - 20:13

Here are the steps that you take to add pictures to the web site. It might be a good idea to print this out so you can refer to it while you are in the process.

  • First thing, look through your pictures and pick the ones you want to upload.
    • I like to make another directory and copy my favorite pictures into it so I don't have to plow through all the other pictures.
    • Rename the pictures so you can see by the file name what it is. No one else will see the file names on the web site, so the name is on ly for your convenience.
    • ... But make sure that there are no spaces at all in the file names or they won't upload! (I may someday be able to fix that, but not now.)
  • The rest of this process is done one picture at a time. There's no way to upload a bunch of pictures at once.
  • On the right side of the screen, right under your user name, is the "navigation block." Click on create content.
  • The "create content" menu "opens up". Click on image.
  • Type a short picture title. This will be displayed above the picture in the gallery.
  • Select the section of the album the the picture should go into. Choose the day of the tour if that makes sense. Choose General Pictures for other stuff not directly related to your experience of the tour. (If you forget, you can move it later.)
  • Click the Browse... button and select your picture.
  • If appropriate, add a description. What was going on? What was going through your head or your heart?
  • Don't attach a file.
  • Press the Submit button. (If you preview the image instead, make sure you still hit the Submit button or your picture won't be saved!)

The gallery currently does not tell who uploaded the picture. I'll find a way to fix that.

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